Coca-Cola Freestyle AKA death in a cup

Alergy Alert: WingStop

Went to a Wingstop in the Orlando area recently that was proudly sporting the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine. The concept of the machine is great but it isn't allergy friendly. The safe drink options were rather limited tea or pay by the bottle for IBC. I like both but with wings I know want soda … Continue reading Alergy Alert: WingStop

Top 10: Allergy Things

Yes, I know this is a strange topic. My inspiration came from a friend who mentioned discovering a child she was keeping had food allergies and not knowing about it.  I have severe food allergies and have had since I was a young child. While I have noticed more people are aware of food allergies, … Continue reading Top 10: Allergy Things

Allergies Aren’t Funny

Last night  one of the story lines on 30 Rock revolved around allergies. ***Spoiler Alert*** A couple of the characters suffered from food allergies.  The reactions of the other cast members exhibited extreme insensitive and ignorance about the seriousness of food allergies. First there was Liz Lemon's (Tina Fey) declaring that allergies were not real … Continue reading Allergies Aren’t Funny