Coca-Cola Freestyle AKA death in a cup

Went to a Wingstop in the Orlando area recently that was proudly sporting the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine. The concept of the machine is great but it isn’t allergy friendly. The safe drink options were rather limited tea or pay by the bottle for IBC. I like both but with wings I know want soda and know I’m going to need more than one glass. Unlike other chains that have this kind of machine the manager quickly tried to come up with a solution when noted my concerns about the machine and lack of safe drink options. Another plus was that because this location had just opened the owner of the store and several corporate big-wigs where there. All listened to my complaints and appeared interested in the problem. One even stated they never considered that it could pose a threat to those with allergies. He did however state the machine was chosen because it provided the most options in the least space.

That is true but until the problem is solved Wingstop joins the growing list of places to that are not allergy safe. It also means I will not be going to Wingstop in the future.

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