Choosing Courses for High School

There are core classes that are required for all high school students. Many schools offer more than one level of diploma. It is a good idea to take classes on the advanced or college prep classes. Taking AP or dual credit classes in high school and middle school has several advantages. From a practical standpoint … Continue reading Choosing Courses for High School

Teachers That Made a Difference

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post. Today I want to write about some of the exceptional teachers I have encountered either as a student or educator. My third grade teacher, Mrs. J was one of those teachers who made learning fun.  She had the ability to keep students on a wide range of levels … Continue reading Teachers That Made a Difference

Worst Teacher Ever

Monday's topic of the day from the Daily Post is a particularly loaded one. "What is the worst teacher you have ever had?"  Rather than focusing on teacher from the many candidates, I will focus one some common traits. Note if you know me please do not identify any teacher mentioned by name. One trait … Continue reading Worst Teacher Ever

The Best Method for Teaching Reading

Editor's Note: This is a piece I originally wrote for As a teacher, I have used many different approaches for teaching reading: phonics, whole language, literature based, etc. Many workshop instructors attempted me to convince me their program was the best. I have also encountered many people who believe that phonics and sight words … Continue reading The Best Method for Teaching Reading

My Views on Technology

Disclaimer: If this sounds like a school essay, I know it is something I wrote for my class. Technology plays an important role in my personal and professional life.  I worked in a technology related position for about ten years as a computer teacher, computer lab assistant and in tech support. Personally, I see the … Continue reading My Views on Technology

Technology Resources

One of the assignments for my instructional technology class was to compose a list short list of resources.  Thought I would re-post it here. Technology Make Blog. This is one of my favorite technology blogs Each day it features do-it-yourself projects.  The features range from practical such as how to convert film to video or … Continue reading Technology Resources

Haiti Education Project

A student at the TLC Barefoot School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, works on classroom assignments.  Texas Baptists have partnered with Siloe Baptist School in Grande-Guave, seeking sponsors to send impoverished Haitian children to a Christian school for $15 a month.Haiti was a country in turmoil before the earthquake that rocked Haiti almost a year. Education plays … Continue reading Haiti Education Project