One of the assignments for my instructional technology class was to compose a list short list of resources.  Thought I would re-post it here.


  • Make Blog. This is one of my favorite technology blogs Each day it features do-it-yourself projects.  The features range from practical such as how to convert film to video or fun projects like an LED light up table.
  • Tech News World is an on-line newspaper that focuses on technology related news.
  • CNet is the site I use the most to stay current on technology news and trends. When researching software or products I like to check out the reviews and ratings on CNet.


  • is a website I use to research topics and find general information when preparing lectures.
  • Another website I used frequently when I taught middle school science was
  • Education World has a great collection of resources and other information for teachers.


  • The website I use the most for communicating general knowledge and information is iGoogle. It is a customizable web portal. I use it as my start page and can quickly access frequently used information like the weather, current news, and even the word for the day.

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