TDZ Retrospective: Dogs and Cats

Posted November 27, 2011. The Big Guy and I have an ongoing debate regarding the superiority of dogs over cats. He is one of those who has been duped into believing cats are better than dogs. (I know kind of hard to believe from a guy who's school mascot is a beautiful collie.) Anyway we … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: Dogs and Cats

Throwback Thursday: Polly

Pollyanna was one of our dogs when I was a child.  Polly was part beagle but thought she was human. "Polly  & Her People" -- Granddaddy C. , me Popi and Polly. Kind of stereo typical Texans in  cowboy hats. Ok, my dad wasn't really a Texan. He was an Okie but lived in Texas … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Polly

Calling All Animal Lovers

McCamey Animal Control  is a very small shelter that works very hard to find all of the animals homes rather than what normally happens at an animal control facility.  They do so with a very limited budget. The McCamey Animal Control has been nominated in's America's Favorite Animal Shelter contest.  They need your help by … Continue reading Calling All Animal Lovers