News You Might Have Missed

Baghdad: The Next Hot Tourist Destination

While I wouldn’t select Baghdad as the destination for my next vacation that is the image Iraqi officials envision for their capital city. Some Iraqi officials are planning an extreme make-over. Officials are examining plans to promote Baghdad as a place of leisure. Among the proposed ideas to promote Baghdad as a great tourist destination are plans to build a 600+ ft ferris wheel. The project is nicknamed The Bagahad Eye and will be about 200 feet taller than the London Eye. No I’m not making this one up, read the article USA Today. Somehow building a giant ferris wheel in a city that is plagued by sectarian violence doesn’t make sense.

Lost in The Country … Find a Cow

According to research presented at the British National Academy of Sciences it appears that cattle and deer have a natural tendency to align their bodies north-to-south. Read more from BBC News.

But All the Cool Kids Are Riding Bikes To School …

Due to raising gas prices, an increased awareness of the environment and to promote healthy life styles many colleges and high schools have adopted programs to promote the use of bicycles. Programs include everything from increased bike paths to free bikes. Read the article in USA Today.

Yeah, I Killed Your Dog but You Should Pay to Fix My Car

Earlier this year Jeffery of Ely ran over Fester, a miniature Pinscher with his 1997 Honda Civic. The impact killed the tiny dog on impact. Fester had managed to escape from her owner Nikki Munthe and ran into the road. Ely has sued the Munthes for damages done to his Civic due to the accident. He believes the owners should be held responsible for the accident. The dog was not allowed to run free but had managed to wiggle past the owner as she owned the front door. It doesn’t appear that the owners were negligent. Read more on Fox News.

It’s a Bird no It’s a Kitty

That’s right a tabby in China started growing furry wings this summer. The winged feline became quite a popular attraction. Eventually the owner clipped the wings off out of fear the cat would fly away or be abducted by admirers. No, I’m not making this up, read the original post on Fox News.

In The News Today ….

news.jpgInteresting tibits I have found in the news today.

Florida Primaries

If you live in Florida head then it is time for you to the polls and vote for the presidential candidate of your choice. Sunday the New York Times published an interesting Op-Ed by Caroline Kennedy comparing Obama with her father. Essentially it is an endorsement for Obama.

Snow Storm Cripples China

I heard on Good Morning America (GMA) this morning that China has been hit by a massive snow storm. Hundreds of people were stranded at a train station. That sure isn’t the place I would want to be stuck in a snow storm but it is slightly better than being trapped in your car somewhere. Found this on CNN article about the snow storm

Wacky Whale Brains

A recent study of whales revealed that only half of their brain sleeps at a time. Whales remain in constant motion even while asleep. While sleeping they perform drift dives and the two sides of the brain alternating sleeping. You can read the story here. Being able to function while half of the brain is sleeping would explains some students I have had.

Word of the Day

From sylvan: pertaining to woods or forests.

What to do when your computer is arrested

PC Magazine has an interesting article about the effects of cyber-crime on business. Businesses are liable if an employee uses a company computer to view/download child pornography or other criminal activities. Working as an IT tech I was always amazed at what people would do at work or to a company computer.

He said What?

Paul McGuinness, U2’s manager, blames the entire technology specter for the problems the recording industry is currently facing. According to McGuinness, all successful tech companies have made a fortune by stealing content from the recording industry. He believes all tech companies should pay royalties to the recording industry. So if Dell makes computer with CD drives then they owe a royalty to U2 and other bands because Dell’s computers are used to play music. It think McGuinness has had one to many pints of Guinness. You can read the article here.