More AC Troubles

fan.jpgWell, our AC has been out since July 7th. Last week a repairman from Service Experts came to supposedly fix our AC. He was obliviously neither an expert nor good at service. It seems he was only able to work for 5-10 minutes before he would have to leave for an hour or more. Each time he would disappear he wouldn’t say anything to me just mysteriously disappear for a while. Finally he came back with a supervisor or someone acting like a supervisor. They looked at the ac for a few minutes and then left. This time I asked the guy what was the deal. He gave some lame excuse about not being able to fix the AC because it was too old and proceed to leave the AC dissembled, at least before we were able to use it for short periods of time. When our troubles began last month, I called the emergency number because it was a weekend. We were told that they might not be able to get someone there until Monday. On Tuesday when I called the office again, no repairman had ever been called.

After a week or so someone finally came. The prognosis on our AC was terminal. After several days my husband called the office by this time it had been a week with no AC. The lady there wasn’t very helpful. Finally, 3 people were sent to give estimates. After another week we still hadn’t heard anything. That is two weeks with no AC in Florida in the summer time, if you are counting.

Oh, every time we called we asked about the AC & informed the lady I have asthma and needed AC. We also asked if we would get a break on the rent. Each time she would say that she couldn’t answer that question. She was the only person who answered the phone but yet she didn’t pass our message along or try to help us contact the right person. It seems this lady is unable to sympathize with anyone. She has only called us about 3 times this entire month. Usually after one of us has called and left an angry message. She has told me several time she how hard she is supposedly working. Yet she doesn’t give our messages to the company owner nor is she able to keep us informed of the repair status. Oh, yeah when The Big Guy called and asked for fan she refused to loan us one. She told him that according to the repairman the AC would work. This was the same repair who told us to keep the unit off that it would only freeze up and not work.

Last week we were finally able to get in touch with the owner of the company. She immediately brought a fan over. It seems she too had been told our AC would still work. We learned that Service Experts was not the company she had authorized to do the work and she wanted the entire unit replaced.

Hopefully, our AC will be tomorrow. — DH

Adventures in House Sitting

lady.jpgOur AC is still out and we are refugees from the heat. Fortunately, we are house-sitting for some friends, who have a nice air conditioned house. This is a win, win situation for all involved. According to The Big Guy they win because they have righteous cool people staying in their house. We win because we get to hang out with Lady their awesome dog. Gee, I was just glad for the AC. We thought our purpose was to keep an eye on the house and take care of the dog. Lady thinks that our purpose is to pet her, feed her, talk to her and otherwise entertain her. Lady is a very friendly dog. We know this because she constantly wants to shake hands.

Overall it has been a fun week. We have enjoyed playing with Lady. She has finally trained us to understand our “real” purpose is to pet her constantly.

No AC & Other Rantings

fan.jpgOur AC broke 24 days ago. Yes, we reported it the management company. Hopefully, it will be fixed tomorrow. For the past 24 days we have been finding ways to stay cool: staying with friends, house sitting and even taking a weekend trip to St. Augustine. At least the temperature hasn’t risen above 100 degrees and the hottest it has been in our condo is 89 degrees. In fact the 4 years we have lived in Florida the temperature has never reached 100 degrees. The year we moved from Texas we had 30 straight days over 100 degrees by mid June. I always envisioned Florida as a very hot place. It is certainly more humid than West and Central Texas. The Big Guy thinks the humidity is about the same as Bryan but not as hot. One comment we often hear is that well Texas has a dry heat and that isn’t as bad. In my opinion once it reaches 100+ it doesn’t matter if it is a dry or humid heat. It is still hot. Oh, the other interesting thing I have found is anytime we get less than 40,000 gazillion inches of rain people start screaming drought. The residents of N. Central Florida don’t know what a real drought is. Our first year here a friend told us the rainfall was down by 30 inches. I asked how can you have negative rainfall. Our friend just laughed. Now, my question was serious. I have lived in a part of the country that knows what a drought is like. Oh, people don’t believe us that it is possible to have sandstorms unless you are on the beach.

Well, The Big Guy has just declared this blog long enough. More later. — DH

Movie Review: Facing the Giants

ftg.jpgWe recently saw Facing the Giants. It is the story the football team from a Christian school and their journey to the state championship. No matter what Coach Grant does his team just can’t when. At the start of his 6th season everything seems to be going wrong. The team isn’t playing like a team. He stumbles upon a meeting of parents and one of his coaches plotting to get rid of him. For more of the plot you will have to see the movie.Facing the Giants was produced by Sherwood Pictures. Sherwood Pictures is a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA. Facing the Giants filmed using volunteers from Sherwood Baptist. It is one of the better Christian movies I have seen. Check out the movie when you get a chance — DH

Editors Note: I am in no way connected with Sherwood Baptist Church.

Top Ten Ways to Annoy Library Patrons

  1. annoypeople.jpgThis one works very well when the library isn’t crowded. Find someone who is intently reading a book or studying and sit down right beside them and make as much noise as possible.
  2. Eat your lunch rather loudly. Extra points if it is a smelly lunch.
  3. Look over someone’s shoulder and ask them questions about the book.
  4. Find someone intently looking for books. Go to the opposite side of the bookshelf. Remove the books so you can surprise them.
  5. Find someone looking for books and from the opposite side hand them books to read.
  6. Make a fort of books on your table and proceed to shoot paper wads at the other patrons.
  7. Talk loudly to the characters in the book you are reading.
  8. Handout random reading materials to other patrons.
  9. Find someone who has gotten up from their table but it is still using it. Relocate the materials to a nearby table.
  10. Find someone reading a book and tell them the movie is much better than the books. This especially good if it is a self-help, how to or technical book.

Bonus: How to the Annoy Library Staff

  1. Instead of putting books on reserve for your classes have your graduate assistant hide the books throughout the library. Be sure to give your students a scavenger hunt list in order to find the books. I actually had a professor do this one.
  2. Randomly select a large amount of books and leave them on the tables and shelves for the staff to deal with.
  3. Ask the librarian about random obscure or made up books.

Greek vs. Hebrew for Studying the Bible

bible.jpg It is true that the best way to study the Bible is in the original language. To do this ideally one needs to learn Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Most theologians and Bible students only learn Hebrew and Greek.Hebrew is the language of the Old Testament. If one’s desire is to focus on the Old Testament then Hebrew is more valuable. Hebrew is more difficult than Greek. There is little in common with English and Hebrew. Hebrew reads right to left, not left to right. The Hebrew alphabet has no vowels. The vowels are pointed or dots that where added by the Masoretes. Many words look the same and correctly interpreting them relies heavily on the context of the passage.Greek is the language of the New Testament. New Testament scholars focus on Greek. Greek is an easier language to learn. Much of the English language comes from Greek. Most people who have attended college are familiar with the Greek alphabet. Knowledge of Greek prefixes, suffixes and roots also makes learning Greek easier.Greek and Hebrew are equally important to studying the Bible. Greek is more valuable for New Testament scholars while Hebrew is the choice of Old Testament scholars. If one has to select one language to study Greek would be the best starting point.

Summer Memories

pudding.gifWell, our AC has been out for a week. Having no AC reminded me of spending time at my grandparents’ house as a child. Any trip to their house also included spending time with my Granny and Aunt Ruby. Granny was actually my great-grandmother and Aunt Ruby was my Granddaddy’s sister. They lived in a big farm house with high ceilings and a porch that seemed huge to a preschooler. Aunt Ruby would make her special chocolate pudding for me. It was always one of the highlights of my visit to Granny’s house.

Aunt Ruby’s Chocolate Pudding

1 C Sugar
3 T flour
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 T Butter
1 ½ C. Milk
1 T Cocoa
Combine sugar, flour, and cocoa. Add egg and milk. Cook in double boiler until thick. Stir occasionally. After removing from heat add vanilla and butter.