Today’s inspiration comes from the official Inktober list.

Art has always been a form of therapy for me. As a child my parents enrolled me in art classes to help develop fine motor skills. Due to severe dysgraphia it was often difficult for me to express myself with words. The very process of holding a pen correctly and transcribing my thoughts on paper was extremely painful. I had words trapped me my head. The process of writing often felt like my hand was stuck in a muddy cement concoction. Then through in the additional challenges of legibility and spelling it was a rather daunting task. However, with a paintbrush, pencil, or pastel things flew out of my head. Painting and drawing uses a different set of muscles and movements that are not effected by my disabilities.

My favorite mediums have always been pencil, ink, watercolor and pastel. Maybe because they do not require the time to dry and develop that oils or acrylic do. One of the first things I learned to do was watercolor roses. It is a quick and fun thing to create. So this painting takes me back to my roots. To create it I used watercolor pens with a combination of brush applied paint for the shape of the roses and pen applied for the details.

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