I had good intentions of staying current with Inktober this year. I even had several scheduled in September but life got in the way.

For hope I decided to do a calligraphy piece of one of my favorite hymns The Solid Rock.

Caligraphy - The Solid Rock

Due to severe Dysgraphia caligraphy was one of the many things I have been told that I was unable to learn. Dysgraphia is a form of dyslexia effects fine motor skills especially handwriting. At best my normal handwriting can be described as messy.

handwriting sample solid rock

So why am I able to neatly letter using calligraphy and not write neatly. Simple the calligraphy like drawing uses a different set of muscles than writing. The movement in drawing or calligraphy is not restricted to the hand only but may also include the arm.

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