Hi, it’s me Maddie Mae again. Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy with pup stuff and trying to stay cool.

So the remote has been missing for a while. Well Dee found it a couple of days ago. It was under my Chick Pea which was on the floor under my bed.

Maddie's Chic Pea stuffy with the Tv remote.

Now for some reason they think I hid it. I think it is circumstantial evidence. Oh and those evil zombie goats tried to frame me.

Really it is my remote. I want one of those push box things too. You know the kind that The Big Guy and Dee talk into or at least the talking book thing like G’Ma. So I should at least get the remote. Seriously, they won’t even let me drive.

Peace Out

Princess Maddie Mae Licks-a-lot

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