The other day I was popping a bag of popcorn and noticed this warning on the bag.

Have we really reached this point?

2 thoughts on “Well there is this …

  1. I think we HAVE come to this point. Our curling iron came with a message: Do not warm your bed with the curling iron. I can’t remember some of the other funny warnings that I have seen. It is so sad that companies have to protect themselves from people doing dangerous things without thinking.

    A 17 year old girl a few miles away from where we live crashed her car a few months ago with her sister in the passenger seat. She thought she would try the “Bird Box” challenge. There is a movie where a family has to cover their eyes then navigate through a forest or something. I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know exactly.

    BUT the girl covered her eyes with something and had her sister help her navigate while she drove down the street unable to see anything. Luckily they weren’t killed, but it totaled their parents’ car.

    They are lucky they won’t get a “Darwin Award.”


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