Hi, this is Princess Maddie Mae. I am really enjoying my new house. This is my new bed. I even have my own window. I do let Dee and The Big Guy share my room. The new house has room for me to play.

Maddie in her bed.

I also have a huge yard with lots of room where a pup can play football. It is great except my neighbors. Can you see those pesky critters?


Here is a better picture. Those interlopers have a gigantic yard. Dee keeps calling it a pasture, whatever, looks like a yard to me. I bet they have eleventy gazillions. Anyway it is big.

Sheep and goats

Well, the other day I caught that gray one eating my yard. He was sticking his head through my fence and eating my yard. I tried to protect my yard. Dee just picked me up and moved me away. It is tough being small.

Until next time. Peace out. Maddie

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