It is  easy to get caught up with the things associated with the Easter like new clothes, Easter Bunnies, even getting ready for the one of the biggest church services of the year. We can lose focus of the meaning of Easter.

The origin of the Easter bunny is not Christian nor does it have anything to do with the Christian observance of the resurrection of Christ. The Rabbit and eggs were a symbol of symbol of fertility and spring time. The rabbit was a symbol of the pagan festival of the goddess Eastre. The rabbit was her symbol. (1) In Egypt and Persia eggs were given in honor of the start of spring. (2) Christians incorporated the pagan tradition of coloring eggs into the Christian observance of Easter. The earliest mention of the Bunny in connection with Easter is in Germany in the 1500’s. The Easter bunny was introduced in the untied states in the 1700’s by German settlers. (3) By the 19th century Easter baskets and chocolate were used in the United States, however Easter was not widely celebrated until after the Civil War. (4) I have nothing against Easter bunnies especially the chocolate ones but they have nothing to do with the.

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us performed by Skillet


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