AutismSpeaks-SocialSquareI don’t usually review chains but I will make an exception for PDQ. PDQ’s name means People Dedicated to Quality. It is more than a name for PDQ. It is a business model reflected in the freshness and quality of the food. During the month of April a portion of the proceeds from the Spicy Buffalo Tenders Combo goes to support Autism Speaks.

Rating: Excellent. The food is always fresh. Outstanding service.

Food: Probably my favorite chicken place. The chicken is fresh not frozen. The sauces are made in house. Their one weakness may be some of the sauces especially the ranch. They make an awesome lemonade. Oh, they do have Cheerwine by the bottle.

Selection: PDQ is a chicken place. They do offer a turkey sandwich. Their menu features a selection of chicken sandwiches and salads. They do have fresh cookies and shakes.

Service:  Awesome

Atmosphere: Nice quick service location

Allergy Rating: Good. Watch out for the awful Coke Freestyle machine. They do have a source of ice that doesn’t come from that machine. They also have lemonade, tea and bottled Cheerwine.

Overall: Outstanding – my favorite chicken place.

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