simplycountryWe discovered Simply Country in Moss Hill, Texas last year on one of our trips through east Texas.  The Big Guy found several good ratings for it including Texas Monthly, so we decided to check it out. When traveling we like to check out local places when possible. As the name indicates Simply Country features country cooking and Texas Staples. I decided to try the chicken fried steak. It was absolutely amazing. Maybe the best I’ve ever had, even the crust was outstanding. The mashed potatoes started as real potatoes. It was was served with a cream gravy that is common in Texas. Cream gravy is something I miss since we have moved from Texas.

They also feature homemade rolls and nice selection of homemade desserts.

The staff at Simply Country was incredibly friendly and  hardworking staff. They were short staffed the day we visited but we still had great service.


Food: Excellent. Very good chicken fry.

Selection: Good selection of country cooking and Texas standards .

Service: Awesome. The staff was very helpful. They were understaffed due to no shows but were really attentive to customers.

Atmosphere: Simple but nice.

Allergy Rating: Very good. The staff is knowledgeable and was very helpful.

Overall: Awesome. If you are in the area it is worth planning a stop.

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