Christmas is over. Decorations will be put away soon. Christmas vacation will be over soon. Life will return to normal every day busyness.  The focus on peace, good tidings and even Christ will fade.  Does it have to? What would it be like if it didn’t?

What would happen in my life or your life if in 2014 I/we don’t forgot that Christmas is about God’s love for us, redemption and mercy. Instead of focusing on self I/we focus on sharing God’s love and message of redemption with others. I’m not talking about preaching “Turn or Burn type message. But rather living life in a way that reflects my faith. Being aware of opportunities so share or show God’s love and mercy with others.

What if in 2014 like the shepherds and angels my/our focus was on truly worship Christ? What impact would it make in my/your life if worship became more than just an hour on sound?

Come and Stand Amazed by Citizens

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