We first went to Cafe C with a Groupon  for Sunday Brunch. The food was great. They had live music and a funky cool environment. So when Cafe C was featured on Living Social we eagerly bought the deals. This time the deal was for lunch. Cafe C is open 11 am – 3 pm every day. So it is a lunch place. I was really looking forward to our next trip to Cafe C.

Unfortunately, our subsequent trips to Cafe C  have been a huge disappointment. Disappointment may be an understatement of the experiences. On our 2nd trip I was a little early and had to wait on the Big Guy for about 5-10 minutes. I thought this would give me time to figure out what I wanted because of allergies. Well that was a mistake. Cafe C is one of those places where you order first. The counter people were not happy that I had the nerve to wait inside the air-conditioned building. Think they wanted me to wait out in the heat.  Cafe C does not have an allergy friendly menu or even an ingredient list. The server told me she would tell me if there was anything I was allergic to in the food. I gave her my list and then proceeded to ask about items. Each time I asked the server kept staring straight ahead kind of like a zombie. It was as if I didn’t exist. Finally, I asked and she rudely stated no.  OK so I guessed on something that appeared safe. Then I got lemonade. I noticed it was pink and wanted to know what flavor it was because I’m allergic to strawberries. I asked the zombie-chick but got no response. Then another person who was supposed to be some sort of management type walked by and I attempted to ask her. That was a major mistake. She proceeded to make fun of my allergies. I asked her if there was strawberry in the lemonade. She responded something like that.

Well, we went back a third time only because we made the unfortunate mistake of buying more than one deal. This time the Big Guy tried to help. He usually gets better service. I think it may be the size thing. This time the counter person tried to be helpful but she just had no clue. We were then referred to the rude chick from our previous trip. So her excuse for not knowing about the food was that it was made at the other location and no cooks were available. Also, they don’t know what is in anything. What made things worse was her attitude. She has a rather cold and self-important attitude. She did tell us that some of the salads used a soy based dressing. Once again every time we tried to find out what was in the food she would just ignore us, glare at us or give a non-conclusive answer.


  • Food: Excellent
  • Selection: Good
  • Staff:   What is worse than horrible. The staff is poorly trained in customer service and is often down-right rude. Apparently no one at this location has any knowledge of what is in a dish.
  • Atmosphere: Cool
  • Allergy Rating:If you have any food allergies this is a place to AVOID. The staff is clueless about food allergies. They are intentionally deceptive when trying to determine if food is safe.
  • Overall: Not worth the hassle or risk.


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