Top 10: Reasons to be Thankful

#10: No broken bones this year.

#9: Rediscovering how much I enjoy painting.

#8: For music.

#7:  For a job that I’m good at and my recent promotion.

#6: For having a nice home, a good job and more than enough food to eat. The very basic things in life that many do not have.

#5: For my church family. Living so far away from families our church family has become an important part of our lives.

#4: For friends who are there period. Heard someone talking about how friend’s were untrustworthy and couldn’t be counted on. I thought that this person had not met my friends.

#3: For my family. I have come to realize just how blessed I am to have my family.

#2: For the Big Guy.

#1: For God’s unconditional love. I don’t have to earn His love or salvation. For that I’m extremely grateful because I would fail on both counts.

Author: TheDeeZone

I write about things I find interesting this include music, movies, cooking, religion, news and whatever else pops in my ADHD brain. As a my tagline says: "The musings of an ADHD mind."I'm never really sure what is will catch my interest.

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