Dublin Dr Pepper Bottle
Dublin Dr Pepper Bottle commemorating the Hamilton High School Lady Bulldogs title as 1998 2A State Basketball Champs

I found this tread on the Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s Facebook discussion boards. It is a place to sound off about how Dublin Dr Pepper is being treat. Not sure if anyone at DPS is going to read it or even cares. Read original post.

One thought on “Update: Good Grief!

  1. Like I said…am I new here?We head on to Dublin Texas for our yearly trip to the for real Dr Pepper…made the way it should be and Frosty Floats. Lunch over…time to get back in the car and head to Dublin…just a few mins down the road. Back in the car with our case of Dublin Pepper and make the trek home…tired and sticky and w a dog that hates the trip.


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