The Dr Pepper/Snapple Group is suing Dublin Dr Pepper for violating the terms of it license agreement. The Dr Pepper group claims that is it unfair for Dublin Dr Pepper to distribute their product outside its 6 county assigned area (due to internet sells) or use different packaging than other Dr Pepper bottlers. Further Dr Pepper Group claims this move is to protect a product’s  reputation that all of its bottlers have worked to build.

Personally I find this entire thing absurd and that the powers that be at the Dr Pepper group need a little history lesson. Dublin Dr Pepper deserves special treatment.

What is so special about Dr Pepper from Dublin, Texas? Well, the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company has been bottling the sweet elixir since 1891. It is the original and oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant. They still use Imperial Pure Cane Sugar and not corn syrup. It tastes better than the other stuff. Read More

Dublin Dr Pepper Bottle
Dublin Dr Pepper Bottle commemorating the Hamilton High School Lady Bulldogs title as 1998 2A State Basketball Champs

The Dublin Dr Pepper plant is the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant. They have earned the right to use the original recipe, besides they still use the original equipment. Using throwback packaging from different eras is one of the things that makes them special.The old style glass bottles used by the Dublin bottler is one of the items that attracts Dr Pepper enthusiasts. I still have one of the bottles from 1998 in honor of the Hamilton High School (my alma mater) Lady Bulldogs winning the State 2A Basketball champs.

Instead of suing the little plant in Erath County Texas the Dr Pepper Snapple Group should celebrate that the plant which opened 1891 is still go strong.

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