My life is certainly different now than the way I imaged the future ten years ago. I never anticipated a cross-country move or the path my career has taken.

I never expected that the Big Guy’s education would move us across the country to Florida.  I knew we might move for his education but ten years ago he was looking at schools much closer to home. Also, when we moved to Florida our stay was to be four or five years. It will be eight years next month.

Ten years ago I had returned to teaching computers in a private school after completing my master’s degree. I enjoyed teaching in that setting. After we moved I taught in a private school here for a couple of years but it just wasn’t a good fit. Then I had a job that seemed like my dream job, unfortunately due to the economic down turn I lost that job. Today I work with high school drop-outs in an adult education program. I really enjoy teaching adult education.

Things are certainly different from the way I planned or pictured my life ten years ago. There have been a lot of bumps in the road and some things I would like to change. One thing I have learned that unexpected turns, bumps in life’s path often bring people in my life that are a blessing to me.

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