Since moving to North Central Florida from Texas I have come to realize that I’m not a southerner. While Texas is the in the southern part of the United States it is culturally different from much of the South. Personally, I consider Texas part of the Southwest.  Now you may be thinking wait a minute Florida isn’t really Southern either, that is partially true. North Central and North Florida are essentially Southern Georgia.

#10: I don’t like grits.

#9: I rarely, if ever use the phrases Ya’ll or All ya’ll.

#8: I don’t care about NASCAR and don’t really think it is a sport.

#7: I do not think everything should be dripping in butter and deep-fried. Oh and I rarely cook with salt.

#6: I think just about anything can be wrapped in a tortilla. Ok, so  it didn’t work so well with PBJ or hot dogs but it does with most things.

#5: While I like sweet tea I don’t make tea so sweet it could double as pancake syrup. I think tea should have more tea than sugar.

#4: I put salsa on just about anything that is savory. I know the difference between hot sauce, salsa and pico de gallo. Salsa even makes grits edible.

#3: Dr Pepper is my favorite beverage. Don’t try to serve me one of those undereducated impostors, you know the one that starts with Mr.  BTW, is Dr Pepper not Dr. Pepper. Dr Pepper is not Pepsi product.  Grab a bottle of A&W or 7-up and see who the makes it. It will probably say Dr Pepper bottling company.

#2: I know the difference between Mexican food and Tex-Mex. I find it oddly amusing to go into a place claiming to be authentic Mexican food that serves cheese sauce and not queso.

#1: Barbecue is not pork and should never be pulled. In my not so humble opinion barbecue should be thick sliced brisket and served hot. If you cook the meat right  only one sauce is needed and it better be served warm.

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