kids mealSanta Clara (CA) County has enacted a ban on restaurants including a toy with meals that are high in calories, fat, and/or salt.  The reasoning of the Board of Supervisors is that they must protect children. Apparently, they believe that parents are unable to make decisions about what food their child eats.

In my opinion the Board of Supervisors crossed the line.  Their intentions may be good but it is not the governments responsibility to micromanage the daily lives of its citizens. What will be the next? Limiting television or other media allowed in homes?  Government should stick with providing basic services and safety.

8 thoughts on “Not So Happy Meal

  1. It is already getting ridiculous… They are pressuring schools to help with healthier meals…which I agree with…but some schools are taking it to the extreme and cutting so many calories that it ceases to be healthy anymore especially since many times a public school lunch is the only somewhat decent meal some kids have a day.


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