#Top 1010: Never wash reds and whites together in hot water, unless of course you like wearing tiny pink clothes.

#9: Never mess with a nerd, he/she might be your boss one day.

#8: You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

#7: Even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can become a gourmet meal when plated nicely. It is amazing what you can learn from sharing a PBJ with a young child.

#6: Sometimes generic just isn’t the same as name brand. Know when brands make a difference. Yes, I can tell if you substitute one of those knock offs like Mr. Pibb for my Dr. Pepper.

#5: Remember you were once a newbie. Take time to mentor a newbie

#4: Family mealtimes are important even if you have a small family. Spending time connecting; just enjoying the meal can be refreshing after a hard day. It is important to feed the soul as well as the body.

#3: Real faith isn’t just for Sundays. What good is faith that does not affect ones daily life?

#2: Always think before you hit the send button.

#1: People are more important than having nice things. Do not sacrifice friendships or other relationship to gain more things. Seize the little moments to make memories; you never know how many more you will get.

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