Tareq and Mic
Tareq and Michaele Salahi with V.P. Joe Biden

I promise I’m not making this one up.  According to ABC News, Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashed Tuesdays (Nov 24th) state dinner at the White House in honor of India. It seems that the Secret Service failed to follow check point procedures by allowing the Salahi’s who were dressed and acted like they belonged enter even though they were not on the guest list.  The Salahis posed for pictures with Joe Biden, Robin Roberts, Rahm Emmanuel and other celebrities.  Oh, and they did all of this while being trailed by a TV film crew. It seems that a crew from Bravo, the network that has the Real Housewives series, was capturing the Salahis excursion on tape.

I am puzzled at how this couple was so easily able to crash a party at the White House. This is a serious breach of protocol and serious safety issue.  Something needs to be done to prevent future incidents.

The audacity  of the Salahis is also baffling. Apparently, they told friends, a TV, and even posted it on Facebook that they were going to the dinner for India. No one questioned whether they were invited.  One friend of the Salahis said the the couple enjoyed parties and did not really care who’s party it was or if they were invited. They seemed to have a sense of entitlement and believed that anyone should and would welcome their presence.  They even posted pictures of the event on Facebook. Apparently this is how they got caught.

Obviously this stunt was to help them get attention and land a spot on a TV show. Well, they did get a lot of attention. It seems that the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies are very interested in them now. They are facing possible criminal charges of at least trespassing.

8 thoughts on “Aspiring Reality TV Stars Crash White House State Dinner

  1. GMA this morning had a picture of the Salahis with President Obama. The first security check point did not find their names on the guest list but let them proceed.


  2. Some people will do anything for attention. There was a story in today’s Washington Post online that this couple is deeply in debt because of their “seen and be seen” lifestyle facade. She even claims she was a Redskins football cheerleader yet their is no record of her doing so.


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