Your Tax Dollars at Work

Ever wonder what happened to all of the stimulus money and if it really created jobs. According to ABC News, $761,420 went to Arizona’s 15th congressional district to create 30 jobs only. There is one slight problem Arizona only has 8 congressional districts. ABC news found many other examples of errors reported on Recovery.Gov. Recovery.Gov is the official website designed to track spending of the stimulus.  Some of the errors may be due to reporting errors.  According to Ed Pound, communications director of the Recovery Board, the website relies on what the recipients of the money report.  Other errors seem to be more of typos. According to the website the Navajo Housing  Authority in the 86th congressional district received 34 million. The  Navajo Housing Authority is actually in the 1st congressional district.

While the errors may be due to simple human mistakes or reporting errors it is troubling that Pounds is not willing to take responsibility for oversight. The purpose of both the Recovery Board and the website is to ensure accountability.   I would hope that before information is released on the website someone at the very least is charged with fact checking.


Author: TheDeeZone

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