OK, this one got lost in my draft folder. Last month The Baptist Standard published an interesting article about health care reforms and the roll faith based hospitals should play.  You can read the article here.  I am concerned about rushing into a public only option or lack of  choice. Funding is a major concern. I am afraid that a public only option might decrease options rather than actually improve them. The article in the Baptist Standard demonstrates how Baylor Health Care and other faith based providers are seeking to improve access to health care by the uninsured and under-insured.  Personally, I believe that Baylor and other faith based providers have a moral responsibility to provide for those in need.    Further, I believe it is the church and not the government that should be caring for those in need. Unfortunately, the church (and I’m including para church and other faith-based ministries) has either been unable or unwilling to meet these needs.  As Christians it is time for us to take a stand on matters of social justice rather than ignoring it. While we may not agree with proposed health care reforms it is time to seek ways to become apart of the solution. Baylor and other faith-based providers should be commended for their efforts to improve access to health care for all.

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