Responsible Posting

notesLast month, I read a post that has quite a stir on the Internet and in the media. The subject of the post was slammed by the author simply because of personal biases.  It really surprised me that such an irresponsible piece was posted on an otherwise reliable source.

Yes, I know most bloggers write about personal dislikes and likes.  I think most bloggers tend to be rather opinionated and are willing to share their opinions. Actually, blogging is one instance that being opinionated can be a good thing. However, I think it is easy to take things too far. Many times there is a fine line between voicing an opinion or venting and writing a piece that is intentionally harmful.

One thing I have learned about blogging is that you never know what piece is going to be popular or who is going to read your stuff. The author may not have intended to cause such an uproar. This incident exemplifies why it is important to think before you post.


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