Food Network Star is down to the final three: Jeffery Saad,  Melissa d’Arabian and Debbie Lee. Two of the three were in my predictions from week 4.


Debbie Lee

Once again Debbie Lee escaped elimination. The judges really gave her a gift in week six by booting Michael Proietti. It is another week where the fans disagreed with the judges. This week 71 % of the fan vote wanted Debbie gone. Debbie is a  former caterer from West Hollywood, California.  Currently she is a restaurant consultant.


  • Debbie is unflappable on the camera. She sticks with her agenda.
  • She is a good cook and seems to know her favorite Asian Fusion cuisine well.
  • She can be likable on camera.


  • She is not a team player.
  • Has a me first attitude.
  • Only prepares Asian Fusion cuisine and refuses to do anything else.
  • Has serious integrity issues.
  • Has lost creditability because of her willingness to lie, make excuses and fail to take responsibility for her own actions.

My Prediction: Unless the other two really mess up Debbie will be eliminated this week.  Hopefully, she will not win. Based on fan voting I doubt her show would last long. I’m not watching her and I watch just about anything on Food Network.

jsaadJeffery Saad

Jeffery has really improved over the past couple of weeks.  I really enjoy watching him. He is also from southern California.  Jeffery has 25 years experience in the restaurant industry including recipe development.  His food perspective is cooking without borders. He prefers a blended Mexican, Southwestern, and Italian flavors. Although, he can step outside his comfort zone.


  • Very likeable. Jeffery has that Mr. Nice Guy persona.
  • Can be quite personable.
  • His has some very creative dishes.
  • Can step outside his comfort zone with foods.


  • So laid back that he can come across as boring.
  • While his perspective is cooking without borders he does seem to stick with his preferred cuisines.
  • Needs to kick his performance up a little bit.

My Prediction: Unless he really messes next week Jeffery wil make it to the final two. If the final two are Jeffery and Melissa it is a toss up. If it is between Jeffery and Debbie I think his personality will give him the edge. Food Nextwork wants hosts that are likeable as well as knowledge.

marabianMelissa d’Arabian

Melissa is my personal favorite. She is a stay at home mom from Keller, Texas. Melissa has probably shown the most improvement of anyone. It is great to see that she has made it to the final 3.  Yes, the home cook made it but where are Eddie, Teddy and Brett now?


  • Her personality.
  • Quick learner. She has actually listened to the judges and embraced their criticisms.  If she wins her show would only get better with time.
  • She is has so many practical tips.
  • It is easy to identify with her. If she can fix a meal than so can I.
  • Did I mention she is from Tarrant county? Ok this one doesn’t really count but it can’t hurt.


  • Her lack of training and experience sometimes causes problems. But she does learn from her mistakes.
  • Can be too hyper when she is nervous.

My Prediction: I want Melissa to win. However I think the final two will be Jeffery and Melissa. If so it will be a toss up. If the final two is between Melissa and Debbie, I think it will be an easy win for Melissa. 

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