It is down to the final four this week.  This week the judges decided to have some fun with the final four. The first challenge was too perform a live demo on a Miami morning show. However the contestants were punked. Each demo was rigged with “problems”. In the second challenge after the finalist selected and announced their dishes the rules were changed. Bobby Flay and Iron Chef Michael Symon switched key ingredients for each finalist.

jpessoSomehow Jamika Pessoa’s performance actually got worse this week. She just was not able to handle the unexpected. In fact she was rather rude to those around her.  Food Network certainly doesn’t need a whiny diva. Up until this week I actually liked Jamika.  I wasn’t surprised that she was booted. Jamika seemed to think that her behavior was acceptable.  While, I would have selected Debbie instead I can certainly agree with the judges decision. I really do not think she has the ability to put on a good show consistently.

dleeOnce again the ever annoying and whiny Debbie Lee escaped elimination.  This time it was because another contestant totally failed. Debbie actually had an amazing performance in the first challenge. No matter what happened she was unflappable. The second challenge was a different story.  Debbie was forced to do something other than Asian. She was given three required ingredients anchovy, olives and capers.  She was instructed to prepare a salty Mediterranean dish. Once again Debbie chose to do her own thing regardless and ignore instructions. She made the dish very sweet and left out the capers because she doesn’t like salty food. When confronted with the lack of required ingredients Debbie first lied and then tried to fake not understanding. The judges nailed her about failing to take responsibility and once again Debbie tried to act like an innocent victim. Debbie is knowledgeable but has serious character flaws that negate any creditability. I would not watch her show and I will watch just about anything on Food Network.   At least Michael Proietti was always fun to watch. The judges made a big mistake last week.

marabian Melissa has really stepped it up. She is determined to make it all the way. The home cook as already beaten seven chefs.  She is obviously a favorite of the judges and mine too.  Melissa got shaken during the first challenge when the host kept forgetting her name and changing the recipe. The cool thing is that Melissa listened to the judges criticism and showed a real change in the second challenge.  She has become a strong competitor. Her spunky personality really shines through.  Melissa graciously listened to the judges and then surprisingly  asked for permission to speak. She made a passionate and well thought defense of her cooking ability. Bobbie Flay even commented on the change of personality. I hope that Melissa not only hangs in there another week but wins the whole thing.

jsaadThis was Jeffery Saad’s week.  His performance during the first challange was good. He knocked it out of the park with the second challenge.  In the second challenge he lost all of his usual Southwestern/Mexican inpsired ingredients. Jeffery didn’t miss a beat and created an amazing dish.  As the winner of the wood grill challenge Jeffery’s dish will appear on Red Lobster menu’s.  Jeffery has really improved the last couple of weeks. I enjoy watching his segments.

2 thoughts on “Next Food Network Star Week 7

  1. I really don’t like Jeffrey that much. I find him kind of dry and boring, very impersonal. I really like Melissa as the winner of the show. Hey, did you know Debbie is Korean? LOL I just don’t like her attitude and dishonest behavior. I don’t think she’ll represent Food Network well at all.


    1. Loretta,

      Thanks for stopping by. You comment illustrates what the judges have been telling Jeffery. The past few weeks I’m beginning to like him. He has shown a different side.


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