If you haven’t seen them yet the chorus from PS 22, in New York City is amazing. Check out their performance of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance.

4 thoughts on “Amazing Choir

  1. I think what he’s doing is great, getting kids involved in music classes by singing popular songs, so I support his efforts. However, there is still a line of taste and decency which should never be crossed when teaching children, and he definitely crossed it with this one.

    The kids do a good job as always, but the song is not actually about dancing, and it’s definitely not appropriate for children. It’s about being stoned in a bar and having sex with strangers, in case you didn’t pick up on that. Lady Gaga talks about how she can’t shut her “Playboy mouth”, says she can’t remember how her shirt got inside out, and that “we’re all getting hosed tonight” (a sexual reference), among other things. Look up the lyrics, you’ll see what I mean. He changed some of the more offensive lyrics, but still ….

    That’s definitely not an appropriate song for children to sing, even with the alternate lyrics. That’s not even an appropriate song for me to sing, LOL.

    For that reason, I can only shake my head and wonder what on earth that chorus director is thinking.


  2. Yes, and we learned the Cotton Eyed Joe in school with cleaned up lyrics. They never used the original lyrics but always the popular version.

    Also, we played Cocaine in band.


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