Stallworth Pedestrian Killed FootballCleveland Browns receiver Donte Stallworth plead guilty to killing Mario Reyes while driving drunk.  Sentence that Stallworth received was outrageous — 30 days jail time, 8 yrs probation, 2 yrs house arrest and suspended license for life.  He did make a finical settlement with the Reyes family and the family agreed to this sentence. Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said that Stallworth’s cooperation, remorse and that this was his first offense were  considered in the sentencing. Stallworth faced up to 15 years in prison. In Florida the average sentence for what Stallworth did is 10 years.

It seems like Stallworth’s wealth and star status was more a factor that his remorse.  The day before Stallworth had just received a $4.5 million bonus from the Browns. I’m sure whatever settlement he made with the Reyes family was  just a fraction of Stallworth’s bonus.  to that. Stallworth should make finical restitution to the Reyes family but he should also receive a realistic prison sentence.  It is possible the NFL may give Stallworth a harsher punishment than the courts.

I don’t doubt that Stallworth is truly remorseful for killing Reyes.  Stallworth was returning from a night of partying. Reyes, a construction worker, was just trying to catch a bus after work.  Stallworth did not plan to kill anyone. He failed to consider the possible consequences of his actions.

6 thoughts on “Star Treatment

  1. You probably heard that the NFL has suspended Stallworth “indefinitely.” With Roger Goodall, that may actually be taken literally. I suspect it means at least the 2009-2010 season.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michael Vick back in uniform somewhere before Goodall lets Stallworth back in.


  2. I hope it is an indefinite suspension.

    My guess is that Vick will end up at the Cowboys since their hillbilly owner gets every social deviant he can for the team.


  3. Amen and Amen! His new “fabulous stadium” has many problems further complicated by street construction in Arlington.

    Dale Hanson (WFAA-Channel 8) still has morals and shares his views about the rich and ruthless owner.


  4. Well, Jones is still a hillbilly no matter how much money he has.

    Arlington always has street construction. There are only 3 construction crews for all of Tarrant county. On goes around putting up blockades and signs. The other two move them to the most inconvenient locations.


  5. I’m not a football fan, so I don’t even know who this guy is, but that is ridiculous. I am, however, curious about the value he placed on the human life he took. I’m sure it was nowhere near as much as he should have paid the family. If the poor guy was taking a bus to and from work every day, chances are great that the family thought it was a lot more money than it actually was, even if they had an attorney. I bet he didn’t even feel the loss financially, given the size of his bonus.

    If Vick went to prison and was suspended indefinitely from the NFL for fighting and killing dogs (he deserved everything he got plus some, but it’s still less heinous than killing a human being) this guy should be banned from the NFL for life.

    The truth is that DUI deaths are not accidents, since an accident is unforeseen and unavoidable, while driving drunk is both completely foreseeable and completely avoidable. For that reason, his remorse is irrelevant to me, because he should have thought about that before he got loaded and climbed behind the wheel of a steel death machine.

    Drunk driving is even more avoidable if you are worth millions, since there can be absolutely no doubt that this guy could have called a taxi, a car service, or a limo, or even hired his own personal chauffeur, because money is no object for him. That makes what he did even less forgivable, in my opinion.


  6. Yes he was returning from partying at 7 am. I think Stallworth be forced support this guys wife for life and his children through college. Further each child should get a nice trust fund.


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