Bible frontThere has been a growing be debate in Baptist circles regarding Calvinism. There has been a lot of very vocal and not so kind opposition to Calvinism. Disputes and name calling is nothing new in Baptist circles. Baptists emerged from the Dissenters in England and we have been dissenting ever since.  It seems that Baptist especially Southern Baptists are always arguing over something ranging from style of worship, theology or even the color of the carpet.

It is okay to disagree with others but it is the manner in which it is done that troubles me.  It does not need to digress to name calling or become unkind.    I think we loose focus of what our real task should be. Christ commanded us to go and make disciples not debate theology. While debating theology can be interesting, we need to respect the beliefs of others.  Unless the issues or theology contradicts the Bible isn’t it better to focus on commonalities.

6 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. Dee, I just read your archived entry about the United Tour. We’re going to see MWS/SCC in Chattanooga this weekend. How long was the concert? Thanks!


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