The Big Guy and I are from Texas but currently live in Florida. Today I thought I would show the contrast between my two worlds.

Keene-Flint Hall

The world where I grew up is quite different from where I live now.  I now live in a world where things are green year round. Trees are very tall and everywhere.

During the spring and summer it rains most afternoons in Florida.

It is considered a drought if the rainfall is down thirty inches.  During the spring and summer it rains most afternoons in Florida. It is rarely windy unless there is a storm.  Sixty degrees is considered a cold winter day and that is a without a wind chill factor. In five years we haven’t had a summer day reach 100 degrees.

St. Augustine Beach
St. Augustine Beach

In Florida it seems that water is everywhere with the Atlantic on the east, the Gulf on the west and lakes everywhere.

Central Texas in the spring time.
Central Texas in the spring time.

What contrast from where I grew up. Things are green in the spring and then they turn brown.


Much of  Texas just doesn’t have many trees and those  aren’t very big.Thirty inches of rain would be a good year. Water is often a very precious and scarce commodity.

Wind turbines in west Texas.
Wind turbines in west Texas.

It isn’t windy until the trees touch the ground.  The year we moved to our new world  by mid June we had already had 30 days over 100 degrees.

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13 thoughts on “My World Tuesday: My World of Contrast

  1. Today’s Blah: Yes it is quite nice. I have more pictures of St. Augustine.

    Arija: Yes very different.

    Sandy: Yes but Texas isn’t warm year round. It gets downright hot in the summer and cold in the winter.


  2. We are OPPOSITES! I grew up in Florida and now live in the “Big Country” area of Abilene, Texas! Your photos make me want to go to Florida….Go Gators!……I have been missing Florida for quite a while now. Don’t get me wrong, I love Texas now as well, but there is something special about where one grows up in life. Texas has beautiful wildflowers.


  3. I was in St.Augustine a few years back in the spring. Being from Alaska, I was expecting it to be warm when I read temps in the 60’s. My girlfriend and I were freezing! Definitely not what we thought 60 degrees would be. It was wet and windy. We even dug out our parkas. 60 degrees here is shorts and sandals just about summer weather.


  4. Becky: It has been getting into the 20’s at night but warms up quickly.

    Bill B: For us the winters are so mild and the summers are even milder.

    Louise: I hear that.

    Sharon: I grew up in Central Texas and really miss the wildflowers in Springtime. 2 years ago I was able to go home during the spring time.

    AK: St. Augustine is on the coast and has more wind than we do.

    Sarah: You are in OK that is close to my old world. Although I have spent a lot of time in OK visiting my grandma and other family.


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