top10Tried to post this last night but WordPress was being cantankerous and had trouble with the network tonight. In the past I have written about date night and Valentine’s Day ideas.  Surprisingly according to site stats Top 10: Date Night Ideas is the most popular post I have written. I tried to focus on ideas that involved doing or making something special instead of spending  a lot of money.

#10: Love Letters. Take some time to write a love letter to each other.  Take sometime to reflect on the qualities that attracted you to your special someone. This may sound sappy but it can be fun. You know the kind of notes, emails, etc that you wrote when dating.

#9:  Make a coupon book for your sweetie. Include things like a free back rub, a night out, cook dinner, clean the house, etc.

#8: Re-create your first date or other significant date. Ok, it won’t be exactly the same but do something similar to special date.

#7: A Picture is Worth … Get a digital camera or find one of those photo booths. Take a picture together. Make it memorable, fun, silly or serious whatever fits your style.  Print the picture. Get a picture frame from a craft store and spend time decorating the picture frame.

#6:  Breakfast Date. When the Big Guy and I first got married we were both in grad school. Sometimes it was hard to get time together. One of the traditions we started was a weekly breakfast date. It is a tradition that we have continued. Sometimes it weekly and at other it has been a monthly or bi-monthly occurrence.

#5: Scrapbook. Get supplies for making a small scrapbook, grab a digital camera. Take pictures of your day and then come back home or on a follow up date create a scrapbook together.

#4: Plan a day, afternoon or evening get away. It doesn’t have to be fancy but just some time to spend together. We enjoy just hanging out at a Bubble Tea place or coffee house.

#3:  Hidden Kisses. This may have been one of the neatest ideas the Big Guy has come up with. OK, this one that needs to be started before Valentine’s day. You will need a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and one of Hershey’s Hugs. Hid them through out the house. Be sure to hid them in places your sweetie can find. Oh, avoid hiding them in places that might get hot like above the stove. Leave a note on somewhere like on your special some ones pillow or the bathroom mirror. Be sure to attach a hug and a kiss to the note. Include instructions to about finding the hidden candies. The reward for finding them is a hug or kiss per candy found. Be prepared for this one to last for weeks or even months.

#2: King/Queen for the Day. Make the day all about your special someone.  Begin with breakfast in bed and plan a day full of your sweethearts favorites.

#1:  Dinner and a Movie In. Cook a special dinner or pick up something.  Grab a movie or two. If you need some movie suggestions check out this list. Planning around a theme is always fun.

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