top10All my family is getting together this year for Thanksgiving, and I have been bummed, because it is not possible for us to go. We are getting to spend time with some long time friends.  Well, I have decided that creating a list of things to be thankful for would help my attitude.

#10: Chocolate, enough said.

#9: That I have a job.

#8: For our wonderful church family.

#7: Went to the beach today and was reminded of the beauty of God’s creation.

#6: Having a nice place to call home. Despite all the recent problems with our condo, it is really is a cool space. We got a great deal on it.

#5: For my family. 

#4: For friends that will be there no matter what.

#3: That I had mean parents who insisted on implementing a hands-on parenting style. My parents were the old-fashioned kind that expected me to be respectful, learn to do chores and other wise grow up a to be responsible person.

#2: The Big Guy. Next month we will celebrate our 10th anniversary.  I love you babe. I love just hanging out with you.

#1: God’s gift of salvation, that is available to all who believe. If I had to earn it, I sure wouldn’t have a chance.

4 thoughts on “Top 10: Reasons to Give Thanks

  1. Happy thanksgiving Dee! I enjoy your list. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for reminding me of a few. 🙂 Hope you have a lot of good food and fellowhsip over the holiday


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