Last week I received this award from Antiogoni.kreativeblog

I am supposed to list six things I like. I have decided to exclude the obvious choices like family and friends.

  1. A good rock concert. (Saw one last night, look for a review later this week.)
  2. Ice cream, especially homemade.
  3. Texas in spring time, especially bluebonnets.
  4. A good book.
  5. Getting a new CD.
  6. A good cup of coffee with friends.

I am also supposed to give this award to six bloggers.

  1. Jamie at Dreaming Big Dreams.
  2. Elf Nino’s Mom at Adventures in Frickintardistan.
  3. Sandy at It’s An Insane World Out There.
  4. Cathy at Random Cathy.
  5. Quin at SBC Ghost Recon.
  6. Ellen at The Happy Wonderer.

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