One of my prized possessions is a quilt that was made by my Grandma’s mother (my great-grandmother).  She was the love of my granddad’s life. They both loved to sing hymns.  My Great-grandmother died during the flu pandemic of 1918 at the age of 29.  We have so few of her quilts or other items that she made, that I feel honored to have a one of her quilts.  When I was little and would visit my Grandma I would use this quilt on my bed. It was always my special quilt that came out for my visits.

My great-grandparents.
My great-grandparents.
My grandma is on the far left. Picture was taken sometime in 1918 or 1919.
My grandma is on the far left. Picture was taken sometime in 1918 or 1919.
My quilt.
My quilt.

Signed by my Great-Grandma.
Signed by my Great-Grandma.

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23 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: Q is for Quilt

  1. Photowannabe: TY, yes it is.
    RunE: yes I have been. I don’t think priceless begins to describe it.
    Rinkely: yes, they were.
    Liz: They are bright never thought about that before.
    Antigoni: TY
    Miss Yves: Ty. Don’t know what part is psychedelic.
    Becky: Ty. I think signing a quilt may have been a common practice.


  2. Oh, what a lovely thing to have! I have an embroidery sampler made by a great aunt of mine and I treasure it.

    Funny to see our ancestors as young people, isn’t it?

    The team thanks you for sharing those things with us for ABC Wednesday! Great post – I hope you’ll be back next week. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful post! It is tragic that your great-grandmother died so young. However, it is lovely that you have something she made, so her memory has continued to live on through her beautiful creation.


  4. Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilt. Don says his best memories with his Rowland-Bragg grandparents were snuggling under the quilts also…. And of course the famous garden meals in the summer….
    Love to you and Nathan from Texas!!!!


  5. Deslilas: YW

    nonizamboni: TY, one of my teachers used to say quilts were made with love & blankets with machine.

    Riches: My family has a rich history of sewing and quilting but that stopped with me. My teacher used to say that I didn’t need a zigzag attachment to make a zigzag stitch.

    Jay: it is.

    Fishing Guys & Margy: TY

    ENM: It was tragic. My Granddad’s second wife also died young. She died shortly after my aunt was born.

    Kat: Mimi used to put that quilt on my bed when I would visit. I don’t remember the garden meals. I remember Uncle Earnest bring lots of fish.


  6. Beautiful quilt. Amazed at the vibrant colors. I used to have a quilt or two made by my grandmother (M. M. Rowland), but they wore out after many years of use. I still prefer quilts over blankets and still use one that my mother made. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Nathan.


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