E is for EPCOT

For the first couple of years we lived in Florida we had passes to the Land of the Mouse “Walt Disney World”. EPCOT was always one of my favorite places. I just think is very cool when you can get grilled salmon at the food court. Disney has some great food but I think as a whole the food is better at EPCOT. The Big Guy always likes to eat lunch at the German restaurant. It is all you can eat and much cheaper at lunch than dinner. My favorites are the Salmon over in The Land and the fish and chips at the British Pub. Behind the Pub there is a little stand that sells fish and chips much cheaper than eating in the restaurant. Enjoy these shots of EPCOT.

Opening Parade at EPCOT
Opening Parade at EPCOT
Taken from the World Showcase looking across the lagoon.
Taken from the World Showcase looking across the lagoon.
Couldn't resist posing for this one.
Couldn't resist posing for this one.
No day at Disney is complete without the closing fireworks. Taken at the Christmas Illumnation.
No day at Disney is complete without the closing fireworks. Taken at the Christmas Illumnation.

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  2. What an incredible series of pics from Disneyland! It all looks like such fun! And you do look as if you are emerging happily from the jaws of a large fish!

  3. Oh my gosh! You’ve just firmed up my desire to go there! It’s been on my list of places to go for years and I really must make some plans. It looks like so much fun! I’d pose in that shark’s mouth, too, crazy as I am! LOL

  4. My “E” for today’s ABC Wednesday was Epcot, too! How funny! I agree that Epcot is one of the better Disney parks, especially because of the amazing food in the World Pavilion – what a great place!

  5. Cool pics, as always!

    I have some pics of Elf with the Jaws display from Universal Studios California, taken in 2005. They also have a ride which takes you through the park, and at one point Jaws suddenly jumps out of the water and seems to attack someone. That was pretty fun. 🙂

  6. Gemma: TY actually EPCOT is a part of Walt Disney World in Florida. Disneyland is in California. Maybe I’ll post some of my pictures from there.

    Bear: TY, the fish and chips are very good.

    Photo: Me too that is one of my favorites.

    Curleegirlee: Actually the Magic Kingdom is my favorite.

    ENM: I think I have some pictures at the Jaws part of Universal. We have passes there this year.

    Tommy: Yes.

  7. Great minds think alike – my ABC this week was also EPCOT. One of my favorite places to be. Only two more weeks until our next trip! 🙂 (Bit the bullet for FL Resident seasonal passes this year, so we hope to visit many times in the next 12 months.)

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