I have always been a dog lover. Growing up we always had a dog but couldn’t find any pictures of them.


Nicky was my grandparents dog. He was a rescue dog my parents got from a shelter. They didn’t realize until they got Nicky home and cleaned up that he was a beautiful sable and white part-collie dog with a PINK nose.

My grandparents always spoiled Nicky. He even got rocked in the rocking chair frequently. Nicky liked to wear his harness.  He was embarrassed when Granddaddy had to remove his outgrown harness, to be able to put a larger one him. To bring him to Hamilton as a Christmas present, my parents put a gift bow around his neck.  They assumed that he would tear it off before we traveled from Abilene to Hamilton–but he did not.  He liked the bow and he wore a bow until Granddaddy made a harness for him.


Rat is my cousin’s dog. She is part actually part of the family. I took this picture at Christmas. I think Rat was tired of all the picture taking and was ready to get some sleep.


Lady belongs to some friends that we house sat for last week. I think she thought we were there just to pet and rub her. We also house sat for Lady last year.


The Big Guy knows I really want a dog but we live in a condo without a yard. So, last year The Big Guy got Fetch at Build-A-Bear Workshop for me with a promise that he will get me a dog when we have a yard.

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20 thoughts on “D is for Dogs

  1. Ellen: Yes very sweet

    Bear & Tommy V: TY

    Donald: Wouldn’t that be C is for Cat.

    Denise: Look at the 2nd one Rat isn’t too happy with the picture.

    To All: I’ll check out your pages as soon as possible.


  2. Nicky is a beautiful animal. I love that stout, powerful build and focused attention on his face. Thanks for sharing.


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