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Found this in my spam fliter and thought I would answer it.

talapoku “In your opinion, what’s the best movie ever created”

It was left on a post that had nothing to do with movies but I thought it would be fun to answer.

In my opinion the best movie ever would be Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The lead roles are played by Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. Hitchcock was the master of suspense. This movie may be one of the best suspense movies ever without being full of blood and guts. Too many movies today are called suspense but are really horror or slasher type movies. The acting in this movie is outstanding. The way it is flimed where all of the action takes place as viewed from a window is amazing.

So, now it is your turn. What is the best movie ever?

13 thoughts on “Q & A: Best Movie Ever

  1. Okay, I know this is by no means a classic, but I loved X-Men. Loved the characters. Loved the struggle of being different in the world. Loved the action.

    Is definitely a favorite!


  2. Another great horror movie that was not all blood and guts was The Shining. That has to be up there in my all time favorite movies.


  3. Dee, it also depends on what genre you are talking about. There are just so many great movies. I love “Singing in the Rain”, and “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Kelly’s Heroes”, or “The Eagle has Landed”. It would be very difficult to pick just one.


  4. Ah, but film critics picked Casablanca as the second greatest movie of all time behind, get this, Citizen Kane.

    Rosebud, Rosebud LOL


  5. I hope it is not too late to comment here.

    On a recent night out to watch to watch the latest Batman movie, I commented to my wife that recent movies have become incredibly sophisticated. I guess I mean ‘sophisticated’ on a technical and cinematography point of view. Recent movies are just visually astounding to watch. I think the last time I was in total awe from the wonderment presented to me on the screen was probably Jurassic Park back in 1993 (although Children of Men came mighty close – that was an amazing aural feast). After that CGI boundary had been crossed, the skies were the limit on a technical aspect – and I was never again to be held in wonderment and awe by what I was being shown on the screen. Youngsters never watch new movies and wonder ‘how did they do that?’ because now the answer is almost always, simply shrugged off with “CGI”.

    It is wonderful and amazing, but in that sense, I fear some of the magic is gone.

    So does a great movie need to be judged against the backdrop of its times? I think so. My favorite animated movie, by far, is Disney’s Fantasia. As beautiful as I think that movie is, it pales in comparison to today’s animation. But the raw analog handdrawn effort that went into animating abstractions to dance to Tchaikovsky or Bach is what makes that movie so memorial and great to me.

    With that qualifier, I would say some of my favorite ‘best movies ever’ are:
    The Maltese Falcon
    Singing in the Rain
    The Right Stuff
    Schindler’s List
    2001 A Boring Odyssey
    Duck Soup

    Lots of old movies there. I think Children of Men is probably my favorite movie of the last several years.

    Hitchcock is hit-or-miss for me. Rear Window is indeed a great movie, (it is amazing how much tension can be gained in a single apartment room from a guy in a wheelchair) but I will have to give the prize to Vertigo. Either way, I am a huge Jimmy Stewart fan.


  6. Quinn Hooks says:

    Ah, but film critics picked Casablanca as the second greatest movie of all time behind, get this, Citizen Kane

    I recently rented Citizen Kane, and did enjoy it, but would not call it the greatest ever. I think it has become almost a tradition in critical circles to call that particular one the greatest. My version of the rented DVD had a running commentary by film critic Roger Ebert, and that helped explain much of the context as to why that movie was considered so great. It was pretty good, but I have seen many more that I think were much better.


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