gavel.jpgThere is a growing need for lawyers who will serve the public interest. The debt incurred during law school prevents some students in serving the public from taking low paying government or non-profit jobs. Also, many of those who take jobs as assistant DA’s often quit after a few years in search of better paying jobs to pay off debt. Harvard Law school has developed a program to help encourage students to consider public service. In a new program students who agree to spend five years in public service will be eligible for 3rd year tuition waivers. Prior to the third year students must demonstrate an interest in public service through either clinical programs or service projects. Also, Harvard already has a system in place to track students after graduation as a part of existing tuition forgiveness programs.

Source: New York Times

5 thoughts on “Havard Law Offering Tution Break in Exchange for Public Service

  1. I think this is an excellent idea.

    The medical field already does this in some underserved areas. Some med school students can have their tuition debt excused if they agree to spend a certain amount of time after graduation, working to help the medically underserved.

    I’m not sure exactly how that works, but I thought it was a great idea when Elf explored it.


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