Sky Watch

One of the advantages of being a Florida resident is discounted prices on Disney tickets. For a couple of years we had Disney passes. While Animal Kingdom is my favorite of the parks at Walt Disney World I do enjoy the Magic Kingdom as well.

Cinderella\'s Castle

Cinderella’s Castle greets visitors to the Magic Kingdom as they enter the park down Main Street.

Tomorrow Land

Sky shot of tomorrow land.

The Big Guy & I on the Carosuel in Fantasyland

The Big Guy and I on the Carousel in Fantasyland.

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22 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Magic Kingdom

  1. I have been there once. I have pictures somewhere…but it was a band trip and my mom didn’t get the photos developed in time…I was able to get them developed a few years later so some of them weren’t good anymore…

    I look forward to taking the kid(s) there!


  2. Carletta,

    The 2nd one is actually a ride up on top of the building. It is spaceship/plane things that fly around in circles. You can control the how high you fly. I don’t like rides that turn upside done or where my feet hang off but I do enjoy spinning type rides. The Big Guy refuses to ride the teacups with me. I did make myself sick on the spaceship thing because I shot up to the top too fast. Apparently, most adults don’t go very high in that but I went all the way to the top.


    Your kids will have more fun if you wait until the youngest is at least 3-4. Plan your trip in advance, get a package that includes hotel on property, tickets and food. Also, make reservations for eating at Cinderella’s castle. It is hard to get in.

    Patty: We did. I think the 1st & 3rd pictures were taken on our 1st trip to the Magic Kingdom.

    Charm: You are right. We went there for my b-day 2 yrs in a row.

    Quitepaths: To bad you didn’t get to spend more time there. I didn’t enjoy my Disneyland trip as much because the person who was our “guide” was from there & didn’t want to see much of the park. Just ride the big rides.

    Pat: Took that as we walked down Main Street for the 1st time. I had always wanted to go to WDW. Also, I don’t have a wide angle lens.

    Fishing Guy: It sure is after all it is the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

    Qunittaratino: It does bring out the kid in adults.

    Daniel: Hope you get to.
    JM, Shane, Petunia, Nate, : TY


  3. Sherry & Ida: It was fun.

    Musings: Those pictures were taken a few years ago. currently the sky isn’t as pretty it has been raining here & part of the state has wild fires.


  4. I didn’t know you could get discounts for that! I want to go so bad this summer though. I know I’m past the age where people publicly declare that but still! So magical…


  5. Paperdreamer,

    All the theme parks have discounts for Florida residents. You are never too old to go to Disney. I am considerably older than you and enjoy going. BTW, you should join Sky Watch some Friday.


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