Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augustine is one of three churches in the Cathedral Parish of St. Augustine. The Cathedral Parish is the oldest Catholic Parish in the United States. Which makes a lot of sense because St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States. The first Catholic mass was celebrated 8 September 1565 near current location of Mission Nombre de Dios (Name of God). The pictures below are of Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augustine located in downtown St. Augustine.
Steeple of Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augsutine
Playing with the camera again. Couldn’t resist taking this one at an angle.
Steeple of Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augsutine
Another shot of the steeple.
Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augsutine

Front entry of the Cathedral. This was a hard shot to take. The street is very busy so I couldn’t stand in the street. Those tour trolley, horse drawn carriages and cars kept getting in my way.

For more Sky Watch.

17 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augustine

  1. Those are great shots Dee! The sky looks so similar to our Southern California cloudless skies when they are not smoggy 🙂


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