Deceptive Feet

footprintsDave Munger over at Cognitive Daily reviewed the results from the 2000 study by Marla Bigel and Colin Ellard about if the eyes or feet were more deceptive when judging distances. Most people are able to see something and judge the distances fairly well. (Ok, obviously I wasn’t in the test group.) Also, most people can walk half the distance and accurately throw something at a target. (Yep, more proof they weren’t talking about me).

In the study one group was blindfolded and led to the study. Then they were asked to walk back to the target by themselves. Most over estimated the distance. Another group was blindfolded and given ropes to guide them to the target. This group was able to return to the target. The third group looked at the target and then was blindfolded and then asked to walk to the target. The second and third groups were surprisingly accurate.

Source: Cognitive Daily

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