Top 10: Random Things About Me

Top 10#10: In my opinion brown only looks good on things dipped in chocolate.

#9: In my opinion some people take themselves too seriously.

#8: I know how to repair shoes.

#7: I don’t like horror movies.

#6: I would rather drink Dr Pepper than beer. Of course I don’t like beer. However Dr Pepper is one of my favorite drinks.

#5: I don’t really enjoy shopping.

#4: Just about any (non sweet food) is better with ranch dressing or salsa.

#3: Even though my tastes in music are more alternative/rock my 2 favorite songs are both classical: Hallelujah Chorus & Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring.

#2: The Big Guy and I were married in the same church were my grandparents were married.

#1: I once got a black eye on Rocking Roller Coaster at MGM. Coolest way to get a black eye.

Okay, now is it your turn to post your own Top 10. Be sure to leave a comment if you decide to play along.


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