news.jpgThis one of those things that make you think “Huh?”. It seems in Ethiopia accusing someone of being a pedophile is considered defamation. British school teacher Jill Campbell is facing up to 6 months jail time for exposing a pedophile an orphanage run by a Swiss charity.

The strange thing is that the pervert was convicted in 2003 and received a 9 year sentence for his crime. The charity admitted the abused happened, apologized and fled the country in shame. Colin Tucker a spokesman for the so-called charity is upset that Campbell is defaming their character.

Tucker’s group placed a pervert in charge of an orphanage. Further they admitted that they allowed this to happen. Yet, somehow the whistle blower should apologize to them? Yeah right. In case you are wondering the so-called charity is Terre Des Hommes. The front page of their website is full of stories about ending child exploitation and trafficking. Seems like they should be more concerned about the conduct of their own employees.

Campbell’s husband Gary did apoligize last month. He did so only because at least one of them needed to be a home to care for their children. The Ethiopian Court System, Colin Tucker and his so-called charity should apologize to the Campbells and their family.

Source: CNN

11 thoughts on “Ethiopian Court Rules Exposing Child Abuse is Defamation of Character

  1. You’re absolutely right! “Ugh” or “Huh?” are about the only things one can think here! It seems every system is corrupt…but then, we knew that all along.


  2. Alan,

    No problem. Hey if you are ever looking for a band to play at youth fucntions we had good one at our church a couple of weeks ago. Elisha, they are from NC.



  3. Wow. That’s interesting.

    It seems like the defamation case was brought not because she exposed the pedophile, but because she accused others of covering it up. Even here, you have to be very careful about making accusations of that nature, if you don’t have proof to back it up. However, here, truth is also an absolute defense to claims of defamation.

    I’m not sure whether truth is a defense in Ethiopia. In some countries truth is not an “absolute” defense, if what you said damaged someone’s reputation (which is strange, since if you told the truth, they actually damaged their own reputation by doing whatever it is that you said they did). Strangely, the UK is one place where you can tell the truth, and still be found guilty of defamation. That’s why so many celebrities sue the tabloids in that jurisdiction; it’s very hard to prove defamation in the US.

    Then again, here, you can’t be put in jail for defamation, because it is a civil matter, not a criminal one. The most someone can do is get a money judgment against you.

    No one should ever be imprisoned for words, although it happens in many countries. Free speech should be (and is, in my book) a basic human right.

    Great blog subject, Dee!!


  4. ENM,

    I’m sure it was for the comments alledging a cover-up but if they didn’t have something to hide they wouldn’t protest to much. They did hire a prevert to run a children’s home & this apparently went on for several years with more than one person involved.



  5. The case was right, but i am one of the guys brother who are addicted by the pedophile it is not good for Jill to be on this case because they massed up ower organization and almost more than 30 people are living in straight.

    I believe God will do some thing for our brothers and sisters. some people mased others life for they right.


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