Favre Retires

favre.jpgI am not really a sports person. I find the senseless, overindulgent behavior of some athletes repulsive. However there are some athletes I respect and admire. Brett Favre is one of those.

Favre may quite possibly be the best quarterback ever. Favre holds the record for passing yards (61,655), passing attempts (8,758), passing completions (5,377), consecutive games started (253), games won as starting quarterback (160), and touchdown passes (442). His NFL career has lasted 17 years. He has exhibited hard work and leadership not just flash and bravado.

Favre has not been free of hardship either. In college, a car accident almost took his life and 8 weeks later his was back on the field. His wife Deanna’s battle with breast cancer. The day after the death of his father Favre threw for 399 yard.

I will miss watching Favre play but look forward to seeing him inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013 (first year Favre is eligible).


  1. I am a steadfast Vikings Fan, but after this last season, I am really going to miss having him in the league.

  2. Treadmarkz,

    I’m not a cheesehead just a Farve fan.


    Elway was good but I think Farve might be better than Staubach. Of course the Manning boys may outshine all predacessors.


  3. Oh good. Glad you clarified that. Would hate to think that I was dealing with an ACTUAL Packer fan here. hehe.

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