messiah.jpgIranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh’s film “The Messiah”  is generating quite a bit of interfaith dialogue. His film depicts the life of Christ according to the Koran and the Gospel of Barnabas not the Bible.  It is being compared to Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ“. 

There are several key difference between the Christ of the Bible and the Christ of the Koran.  According to the Koran, Jesus is a prophet and not the son of God.  In Mark 1:1 Bible clearly states that Jesus is the son of God.  Another key difference is that the Koran states that Jesus was not crucified. Many Muslims believe that the one who betrayed him was crucified not Christ.  In the Bible the crucifixion is recorded in Matthew 27:32-56, Mark 15:21-41Luke 23:26-49 and John 19:16-37. Matthew 27:1-9 records Judas hanging himself, this occurs before the crucifixion.  You can read the complete interview between ABC’s Lara Setrakian and Talebzadeh here.

4 thoughts on “Jesus From a Muslim Perspective

  1. Don’t forget the Gnostic bible. That’s important, too.

    But I do have to say that although I disagree with some of your conclusions, you have some nice factoids.

    I’d love a reasonable discussion with you. I have some opinions about Christ that I believe in fervently (if you are familiar with “Course of Miracles” you know where I’m coming from).

    Added (((())))) . You probably think Course of Miracles is heresy.

    So we can start there. 🙂


  2. In my opinion Gnosticism is heresy.

    Haven’t read the Course of Miracles. I believe too much emphasis is placed on miracles. Miracles were not the emphasis of Christ’s ministry.


  3. There are so many things wrong with this film it is not even funny. Sadly, if Christ has not been crucified then none of us has any hope at all. Thanks for helping bring this out. I too have blogged about this blasphemous film.



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