ryan.gifclemens2.jpgA couple of years ago I read a discussion in the Houston Chronicle about Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan and who was the better pitcher.  Recent developments have convinced me that Nolan Ryan is and always will be a better pitcher. Here’s why.

First there is that whole steroid thing. If you have been watching ESPN, the news or not hiding under a rock, you have probably heard about the recent steroid scandal that has rocked baseball. This week Clemens will appear in congressional hearing regarding his alleged use of steroids. Even if Clemens is cleared there will always be an asterisk by his name. There will still be that nagging thought in the back of your mind that maybe he did use performance enhancers.  Ryan has never been linked to performance enhancers. Ryan just doesn’t look like he has used them.

Another reason Ryan is a better pitcher is longevity. At 27 seasons Ryan has one of the longest careers in baseball history. As of 2007 Clemens has played 24 seasons. Ryan retired at the age of 46 making him one of the older players in the league. There have only been about 10 pitchers still playing at that age. Clemens turns 46 this year. Maybe he will pass Ryan on this one.

Overall Ryan has better stats. Ryan had 5,714 strikeouts almost 1,000 more than Clemens at 4,672. At 354 wins Clemens does have 30 more career wins than Ryans at 324 wins. However with 7 no-hitters Ryan has more than any other pitcher in history. Clemens doesn’t have any no-hitter games. Ryan averaged 9.55 strike out per 9-innings.  He is one of only three pictchers (1500+ innings) to average a strike out per inning. Sandy Koufax and Randy Johnson are the other 2 pitchers. Ryan recorded 10 or more strikeouts in 215 games. He is also the oldest player to have 10+ strikeouts in a single game. Both Ryan and Clemens were named to the All-Century Team in 1999. 

Ryan is the only MLB player to have his number retired by 3 different teams: Texas Rangers, Houston Astros & California Angels. Good ole #34 is the first number retired by the Rangers. Of course, Ryan could easily be the greatest Rangers player ever.

It is my opinion that Ryan is clearly a better pitcher than Clemens. Yes, I know that Clemens has more wins but he never played for the Rangers. There were several years that Ryan had the lowest ERA but the Rangers had one of the worst records in the league. So what do you think?

8 thoughts on “Why Roger Clemens Will Never Be as Great A Pitcher as Nolan Ryan!!!

  1. My kids will learn about the Nolan Ryan’s, Hank Aaron’s and Babe Ruth’s just like I did–not the Clemens’, Bond’s and McGuire’s. The steroid thing is simply crazy. That’s why I refuse to acknowledge the records and stories of the juicers. Major League Baseball is in a sad state today.


  2. Alan, I agree with you. The 94 Strike and Steroids hurt baseball, and I doubt baseball will ever regain its incredible popularity.


  3. Yes it is. Of course there is one common thread among the atheletes I admire Nolan Ryan, Roger Staubach, David Robinson, Steve Nash, etc, they are all good guys who try to set a good example. Just don’t have much tolerance for over paid whiners.

    I do respect how Clemen supports his sons’ school.


  4. Nolan Ryna did massive drugs too:

    asthma steroids
    female fertility hormones (to counter the testicular atrophy)
    and other drugs

    MLB = WWE

    Nolan is a fraud, just as Cahlres Van Doren was.

    I hope you enjoyed his show.


  5. Clemens has been a great pitcher but I think Ryan is better. He won those 324 games pitching for some awful teams. There was one season he led the league in ERA and still had a losing record because of the lack of run support.


  6. Quinn,

    Tell me about it. I’m a Rangers fan. It was so frustrating to watch the Rangers loose by 1 or 2 runs and then hear a certain hitter blame the pitching staff. Gee, even if Ryan pitched a perfect game, they still have to score a run to win.



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